Brewing in Teministeriet Teamaker

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We are here to help you learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea in our 'Teministeriet Teamaker'! We are going to brew signature tea nr. 150 in this blogpost, but you can use this method on every tea in the signature collection - but please note that temperature and brewing time is different from tea to tea!

Just a little information about our Teamaker... It comes in 3 different sizes - 400 ml, 600 ml and 1 L. It's made out of glass and stainless steal. And of course it's dishwasher safe, as we want to make enjoying a cup of tea as easy as possible for you!

We are brewing in the 1 L Teamaker today! Let's start of with the things you will need:

Step by step

Start by adding 2 spoons of tea into the Teamaker. Next up fill your Teamaker with warm water (approximately 70°C) and put the lid back on. Let it brew for 2-4 minutes and voilà - a perfect cup of tea ready to enjoy!

Brewing tip

Key tips in brewing the perfect cup of white tea is in the temperature of the water and the brew time.  Generally, the water should not be too hot, and the tea should brew for only a few minutes.  Sometimes not mentioned however is that the tea can be brewed again, and left slightly longer the second time.  Experiment with your favorite tea to find your perfect brew.

For more tips and tricks

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