Burning hot glasses? Not with Teministeriet..!

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Nothing worse than making the perfect cup of tea, just to find out your glass get’s burning hot - so hot that you can’t even hold it! Taking the time to brew the tea just right, but not having the right glassware is such a shame!  

We want to provide you with everything you need to get that perfect cup of tea! Therefore we designed a tea-glass just to solve this problem - our 'Double Wall Glass Cup' ! A quality glass made from borosilicate glass shaped with rounded soft edges! So pretty - and no burned fingers!  

The glass comes in three different sizes: small (100 ml)medium (200 ml) and large (300 ml) 

What to drink? 

The big question! But luckily the Double Wall Glass Cup works perfect with almost every beverage you could imagine…  

Of course we recommend a nice warm cup of tea - we think you should try the #150 White Elderflower Champagne or the Ayurveda Recover tea! It’s two of our bestsellers, and it’s two good basic teas that every tea collection should contain!  

But it’s not only good with hot liquids - it’s also perfect for cold drinks! Enjoy Iced Tea in the glass as well! The possibilities are endless, so it’s time to get creative…  

The perfect gift idea 

Every tea-lover would be stoked to get this glass! If you have a tea-lover in your life, this is THE gift to get them. Give them several glasses, so you make sure you will be invited on a cup of tea - with no burned fingers! Win-win…  

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