What's in a Number?

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Long before there was Teministeriet the company, there was Teministeriet the brand - a little tea, design and lifestyle boutique in Malmö, Sweden.  It was here that Ole (Teministeren) and I designed and developed the first generation of Teministeriet's products.

While the shop itself was small, we had big ambitions to offer the largest variety of tea in Scandinavia.  Here you could find not only your usual Earl-Greys and countless versions of Lemon-Ginger, but also Yellow Tea, Dragon Fruit Tea, as well as bijou Pu-Erh varieties.

Teministeriet Shop

With so many teas, how do we best communicate everything we have to all our customers?  From this thought, Teministeriet's numbering system was born, numbers that help you quickly find and identify teas and flavors, without having to read lengthy descriptions.

The first number identifies the type of tea.  For example:

  • 1 = White Tea
  • 2 = Green Tea
  • 5 = Black Tea
  • 7 = Herbal Tea

The second number identifies the flavor profile:

  • 2 = Herbal
  • 3 = Nuts, Spice
  • 5 = Floral
  • 6 = Berry
  • 7 = Tropical
  • 8 = Citrus

With these numbers, if you like black tea, then you would look for numbers that start with 5.  If you prefer black teas with a citrus note, you could look for numbers that start with 58.

Teministeriet's Signature Collection currently consists of the following:

So what's your number?  Let us know your thoughts in our comments or contact us here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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