Discover new premium tea flavors

The excitement when, discovering new tea flavors, all from the comfort of your home. Ready lets get started?

Herbal Tea

Discover Teministeriet´s range of fruity & herbal infusions, from the classic tisanes to our latest super-tasty superfood.


Black Tea

Discover Teministeriet´s premium, energizing & rich black teas, from traditional pure teas to exciting new Scandinavian inspired blends.


New Tea ware

Make your perfect cup of tea at home with these new essentials. Having good teaware is essential and will help you to make the perfect cup.


Supertasty - Supertea

Supertea is a collection of organic tea and herbal blends that we think are super tasty, so super tasty that we call it Supertea.

NOTE (Nordic Tea) Collectio

NOTE is a fusion of the first two letters of the words "Nordic" and "Tea". Inspired by herbal and floral notes from nature, NOTE is fashioned to be all natural, organic and contemporary.

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