160 White Mulberry Box

160 White Mulberry Tin
160 White Mulberry Box

Refill box with loose tea (50g)

Tax included

White tea, papaya, apple, mulberry.

Ingredients: White tea, papaya, apple, mulberry, aroma, marigold blossom, jasmine, cornflower blossoms.

Enrich your senses with this aromatic and harmonious ensemble of flora and fruit. With vitamin-packed papayas, apples, and mulberries, this diverse mix of fruits all collectively promote digestive and immune health.

Combined with jasmine, both marigold, and cornflower blossoms, Spring in a cup is brought to this light tea.

May be enjoyed both hot and cold. For those wishing to appreciate this tea’s unique aromas, hot is best.

2-4 min
70 °C

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