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Based on an original Soviet recipe from 1973, Wostok Tannenwald is the first pine-tree scented lemonade to land on shelves in the West.

Named after the Russian Vostok space program, the fizzy drink merges Taiga root, pine needle oil and a hint of cardamom, creating a unique flavour: spicy, piney and refreshing.

What’s more, there’s neither artificial colours nor preservatives.


Seicha Matcha

Green meets green. The refreshing taste of lime or grapefruit,in combination with Matcha, guarantees a new, invigorating refreshment experience. Thanks to the 1.3 grams per bottle, the Matcha provides a natural kick that can last up to 6 hours.


Coldbrew Iced Supertea

Summer is fast comming, and we are looking forward to relax in the sun with our fantastic Iced Superteas.

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Tea Server

Check out our tea accessories, the perfect way to enjoy a fantastic cup of tea

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